Management Team

Howard Fields (CEO & President)

40+ years entrepreneurial experience running companies in technology, architectural, design and construction. Howard is also a Director on the boards of several other companies

Roy Bonnell (VP Business and Corporate Development)

25 years of experience in venture capital investment, finance and mergers & acquisitions with both private and public companies in speciality chemicals, natural resources and biotechnology.

Nathan Hordy (VP Operations)

A founder of Anomera with 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience and a PhD from McGill in Chemical Engineering

Mark Andrews (CTO)

A founder of Anomera and Professor of Chemistry at McGill. Formally a Principal Investigator at Bell Labs

Tim Morse (Director of Product Development)

A founder of Anomera with PhD in Chemistry from McGill, Tim is the key inventor behind Anomera's technolog.

Mary Bateman (Cosmetic Applications Manager)

With a passion for cosmetics and Master's in Chemistry from McGill, Mary leads Anomera's product testing and formulation efforts

Monika Rak (Lead Research Scientist)

A founder of Anomera with a PhD in Chemistry from McGill University, Monika is a nanomaterials expert

Amir Khabibullin, (Manager of Industrial Products)

Experienced in advanced materials with a PhD from the University of Utah, Amir leads Anomera's industrial research and development