Management Team

Howard Fields (CEO & President)

40+ years entrepreneurial experience running companies in technology, architectural, design and construction. Howard is also a Director on the boards of several other companies

Marc Henault (Director of Manufacturing and Engineering)

25 years of experience in mechanical engineering and development of industrial projects in Abitibi

Nathan Hordy (VP Operations)

A founder of Anomera with 10+ years of entrepreneurial experience and a PhD from McGill in Chemical Engineering

Mark Andrews (CTO)

A founder of Anomera and Professor of Chemistry at McGill. Formally a Principal Investigator at Bell Labs

Tim Morse (Director of Product Development)

A founder of Anomera with PhD in Chemistry from McGill, Tim is the key inventor behind Anomera's technology

Mary Bateman (Cosmetic Applications Manager)

With a passion for cosmetics and Master's in Chemistry from McGill, Mary leads Anomera's product testing and formulation efforts

Monika Rak (Lead Research Scientist)

A founder of Anomera with a PhD in Chemistry from McGill University, Monika is a nanomaterials expert

Amir Khabibullin (Manager of Industrial Products)

Experienced in advanced materials with a PhD from the University of Utah, Amir leads Anomera's industrial research and development