S u s t a i n a b i l i t y   &   C l e a n   T e c h

Durabilité et technologies propres

Anomera has been nationally recognized for its innovative and eco-friendly patented manufacturing process and products. Our Award winning nanocellulose minimizes negative environmental impacts, enables advanced manufacturing while conserving energy and natural resources

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Compared with microplastics and silica, ChromaPur® is certified “readily biodegradable”. The naturally sourced ChromaPur® product line offers a distinguishing edge when it comes to consumer safety and care for the environment.

Industrial Applications

For concrete, DextraCel® powders offer extended durability and enhanced strength, while reducing the consumption of cement and greenhouse gas emissions. For the CASE Industry (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomeric) DextraCel® makes stronger, longer lasting and more chemical resistant products.

Pharma and Agriculture

Versatile processing extends the applications of DextraCel® to biodegradable microbeads with programmable pore sizes. Anomera will offer its microbeads for encapsulation and controlled release of drugs for pharma and nutrients for agriculture.


ChromAllur™ is a patented metal-free pigment family providing an extraordinary range of vibrant color, without no need for pigment blending. Based on DextraCel, ChromAllur™ pigments are significantly more natural than any color product yet available. ChromAllur™ pigments are attractive for cosmetics and industrial markets seeking a naturally sourced and versatile color palette.