A p p l i c a t i o n s

Anomera produces the highest quality cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) and cellulose microbeads. Our carboxylated-CNC, called DextraCel® Nano HS, is supplied as a liquid suspension, while the microbeads Micro LP are supplied as a dry powder. Our cosmetic-grade cellulose microbead product is called ChromaPur™.  

Concrete & DryMix Cement

Anomera’s DextraCel™ Nano HS changes the cement hydration process at the nanoscale to improve the mechanical properties and the durability of concrete. DextraCel™ works well with all types of cement and specifically adds benefits by reducing the quantity of cement required to achieve the same and in some instances enhanced performance. Dosage is under of 0.1 wt.% relative to the weight  of binder, making DextraCel both economical and environmentally beneficial to the concrete industry.

Cosmetic Ingredients

Anomera has created a new class of biodegradable cosmetic powders that replace plastic and silica microbeads used in make-up and skin care products. Anomera’s ChromaPur™ cellulose microbeads are a safe, biodegradable and performance-enhancing  alternative to these polluting ingredients. The ChromaPur™ line of products are exclusively distributed worldwide by CRODA. For more information visit www.croda.com.

Paints & Coatings

The paints and coatings sectors seek new ways to introduce  high-performance, low-cost and sustainably-sourced materials. Anomera’s DextraCel™ Nano HS and Micro LP products  are  multi-functional, all-natural, cellulose additives to, enhance mechanical performance, provide haptics and optical properties, and introduce other benefits to various  coatings products.

Polymers & Composites

DextraCel™ adds strength and flexure benefits to enable lighter, stronger and longer lasting materials. Anomera’s DextraCel™ powder will readily redisperse to nanocrystals in water and uniquely in non-aqueous solvents, a feature that is essential to produce high performance industrial
products. New benefits can be expected by combining classic polymers and structural composites with nano-dispersible materials. Anomera has developed unique and protected methodolgies for industries including C.A.S.E. and other applications.


Anomera reinterprets DextraCel™ Nano HS to offer a plethora of benefits to seed coating products. With its focus on protectants, micronutrients, symbionts, soil adjuvents, phytoactives, color and “intelligent” coating composites, Anomera works with industrial and academic partners to advance the growing potential of seed coating technologies.