A p p l i c a t i o n s

Anomera produces the highest quality Cellulose NanoCrystals (CNC) in the world. Our carboxylated-CNC, called DextraCel®, can be supplied as a nano-redispersible powder or liquid suspension, depending on the market need.

Concrete & DryMix Cement

Anomera’s DextraCel™ changes the cement hydration process at the nanoscale to improve the compressive and compressive strength and the durability of concrete. DextraCel™ works well with all types of cement and specifically adds benefits by reducing the quantity of cement required to achieve the same and in some instances enhanced performance. In pavement DextraCel™ reduces microcracking for increased durability and extends quality lifecycle of the roadbed. In precast there is high early strength using less cement. In HPC and UHPC applications other benefits include replacement of some additives leading to increased strength and reduced shrinkage. Dosing is under a fraction of 0.1% loading by weight to cement making DextraCel both economic and environmentally beneficial to the concrete industries.

Polymers & Composites

DextraCel™ adds strength and flexure benefits to enable lighter, stronger and longer lasting materials. Anomera’s DextraCel™ powder will readily redisperse to nanocrystals in water and uniquely in non-aqueous solvents, a feature that is essential to produce high performance industrial products. New benefits can be expected by combining classic polymers and structural composites with nano-dispersible materials. Anomera has developed unique and protected methodolgies for industries including C.A.S.E. and other applications.

Paints & Coatings

The paints and coatings sectors seek new ways to bring high performance, low cost, sustainably sourced materials into its product lines. Anomera’s DextraCel™ is a multi-application, all-natural, completely nano-dispersible cellulose additive to modify rheology, enhance abrasion resistance, provide barrier properties, and adjust the mechanical properties of paints and coatings.

Medical, Pharma and Life Science

Anomera’s DextraCel™provides opportunities for safe cellulosic advanced ingredients. Anomera elaborates its DextraCel™ line into intelligent release systems for drug delivery, creation of cell scaffolds for tissue engineering, fabrication of hybrid excipients with improved properties, new all-natural color coatings with barrier properties for tablets, dye labeling, and transport of proteins, recombinants and bioactives.

Cosmetic Ingredients

Anomera has created a new class of biodegradable cosmetic powders that replace plastic and silica microbeads and other inorganic ingredients used in make-up and skin care. Everyday trillions of plastic microbeads from cosmetics pollute our lakes, rivers and oceans. Anomera’s ChromaPur™ cellulose microbeads are a safe, biodegradable and performing alterative to these damaging petroleum-based and chemically processed ingredients. The ChromaPur™ line of products are exclusively distributed worldwide by CRODA, www.croda.com


Anomera reinterprets DextraCel™ to offer a plethora of benefits to seed coating and seed coating formulations. With its focus on protectants, micronutrients, symbionts, soil adjuvents, phytoactives, color and “intelligent” coating composites, Anomera works with Agriculture to advance the growing potential of seed coating technologies.