D e x t r a C e l
H i g h    Q u a l i t y    C e l l u l o s e    N a n o C r y s t a l s

Nanocristaux de cellulose de haute qualité

Made from Trees

We use renewable raw materials sustainably harvested from Canadian Forests to create a high purity advanced material for both industrial and cosmetic applications.

Anomera manufactures carboxylated Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) in a patented eco- friendly method that delivers a superior nanomaterial. This platform product is creating new opportunities for the multi-billion dollar markets for the industries of concrete, polymer composites, coatings, pigments, agriculture, and for human wellness in pharma and life sciences. In cosmetics and personal care, we’ve brought science and nature together to produce microplastic free, low energy and biodegradable alternative for formulating natural, more sustainable personal care and cosmetic products.

An advanced material that
improves industrial products
while minimizing negative
environmental impact

New Approach to Sustainable Production

We’ve spent the last decade developing DextraCel® as a modern advanced ingredient to improve industrial and cosmetic products in a manner making stronger, more durable and environmentally friendly products.


Apply the power of carboxylated cellulose nano crystals, a natural polymer (and of all our brilliant scientists!) to produce better, more effective and efficient products.


Winner of numerous green chemistry and sustainability awards including recognition and support from both the provincial government of Quebec and Canadian Federal Government


Lead the irresistible transition to better modern materials through our technology and collaboration with academic and industry partners to make our world a better place.